Eskan Company

  1. 100% Cree Owned: Eskan in turn is 100% interest in the Makahiikan Construction Inc,m the Eenatuk Forestry Corporation, and the Mistissini Ataawaaukamikw Inc.
  2. Management Structure: Appointed by the Council of the Cree Nation of Mistissini, the Board of Directors for Eskan Company and its subsidiaries reflect the interest of the community members.
  3. A Diverse Service Provider: Whether you require camp management, site development, regional logistics, project management, or acquisition of labour- Eskan can help you drive your project with confidence.
  4. Development Driven: Eskan and its subsidiaries maintain a strong relationship with local businesses and a core mandate to develop our local workforce.

“To Improve the lives of the Cree people of Mistissini and of the Cree Territory “

“To be recognized within and outside our community as a self-sustained, community owned corporation that is a united front of its people. To be recognized as a leader. To be the employer and partner of choice. To create sustainable jobs and a qualified workforce” 

Board of Directors

Robert Jimikin

President of the Board

Serving the Cree Nation for over 30 years, Robert brings a strong background in development and oversees the board of directors that help define the strategic direction of Eskan.

Ronald Blackned 

Board Member

Ronald as a Program Officer through Niskamoon understands the role of development and the need to bridge traditional activities in the territory with project logistics.

Elijah Awashish

Board Member

Elijah Awashish has been a business owner for over decade, starting with Cree Sport and eventually establishing his own Esso gas service within the community. He provides a solid sense of business management and service quality perspective to the board.

Evelyn Gunner

Board Member 

Evelyn worked as the General Manager of the Mistissini Elder’s home and as an accountant under the Cree School Board. A strong financial background represents a key facet of the board.

Annie Cheechoo

Board Member 

With a extensive and diverse career in financial management through the Cree Nation of Mistissini and an active member on a regional level Annie brings financial confidence and experience to our board.

Gerald Longchap

Deputy Chief

Gerald has years of experience serving the Cree Nation of Mistissini as a Councillor and Deputy Chief and he has held various portfolios within the Cree Nation of Mistissini. He brings a wealth of experience to our Board of Directors.

Eskan Corporate Video

A Leading Force in the Development of Northern Quebec! Check out Eskan’s Corporate video produce by Marc-Andre Leclerc.