Training and Development

On-the-Job Training

Working with local and regional partners to develop a ready workforce is one of the commitments that we make towards a qualified workforce in our community and out on the territory. It is our goal to build sustainability with qualified workers as a driving force of success.

Establish Cree trades people

Locally and regionally there has never been a greater need for Cree tradespeople to advance projects. It is our commitment to hire and develop our local tradespeople so that they can build the hours that they need to progress in their career. By building their hours, and progressing their trade certification we are building a more mobile workforce.

Assessing Project Scope

We will work with the project team to outline key variables including timeframes, logistics, workforce and costing to ensure that a solid strategy is part of each step of the project. With an experienced project management team we will give you a sense of confidence while advancing your project.

Cree Integration Coordination

Identifying key areas where Cree labour can gain and maintain employment is a source of pride for Eskan. We will help to identify and plan for barriers while securing meaningful employment for Crees looking to work within the sector.

Negotiation to Secure Contracts

Need help to outline the terms, conditions and scope of services within a contract? Eskan has been working in the territory for over 20 years and brings with it the experience to outline a competitive contract while ensuring maximum benefit to those involved.

Building strong relationships with contractors

Whether it is through Eskan or the Maakiihiikan Consortium we have strived to have the strongest relationship possible with the contractors in Mistissini and the Cree territory,. By working with Eskan you are contributing to a corporation that places the relationships it holds within Eeyou Istchee as a core part of its growth.

Competitive Contract Procurement

By working through the Saakiihiikan Consortium- Eskan, along with multiple local entrepreneurs gained a more competitive stance to acquire larger scale contracts locally and on the region. As part of a growing area of expertise and experience, it will help contractors in our community grow into the region.

Commissioning and Project Closeout

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Service Brochure


An overview of our construction services from Construction Management, Design-build, General Contracting to Small Jobs and Service Work